Machine Features

Machine Platform : Main structure parts of MIN HUA circular knitting machine adopt advanced/computerized production processing with integrated forming to obtain precision and accuracy, so as to enhance machine's roundness and stability. 
Under continuous research and development, the newly-improved version of the machine offers a more refined, solid structure. In addition, its solidly-built base enables it to operate efficiently with minimum losses. 
The machine's three stands integrate well into the bottom base to ensure stability at high speed operation. Boosts longevity and high production capacity. 
Drive System : MIN HUA circular knitting machine applies 3 transmission shafts which move simultaneously, giving stable/durable operation at high R.P.M. The gear uses anti-friction material and imported steel bearings (soaked in oil-bath to reduce friction, noise, and better lubrication).
Knitting Cylinder : MIN HUA circular knitting machine assembled with inserting units. Applies specially imported steel material for sturdiness.
Cam Design : Circular knitting machine cams incorporate imported alloy materials, and are engraved/grinded treatment by CNC for smooth operation at high R.P.M; top/bottom sliding unit uses precise die-cast forming to ensure easy, accurate assembly / disassembly and also for stable tension.
Lubricant Jetting System : Circular knitting machine applies highly-recognized brands - Uniwave (U.S.) / Memminger (Germany) / Sheng Song (Taiwan) - for effective lubrication of knitting needle and cylinder.
Storage Feeder : Advanced storage feeder of circular knitting machine provides uniform feeding & tension of yarn, giving fabrics smooth and refined surface.
Knitting Needles : MIN HUA circular knitting machine uses German-made GROZ-BECKERT product to guarantee knitting quality; sinker also made from Germany's KERN-LIEBERS to withstand wear and giving refined patterns, which minimizes rate of malfunction.
Fabric Take-Down System : Circular knitting machine applies 128-section fabric take-down machine that is easy to control the fabric tension. Also able to control fabric weight & quality.
Safety Design : Circular knitting machine safety door, electronic and lubricant jetting systems are concealed inside the machine to secure operator's protection and safety.